Final Render WIP Drama scene

This is the last I have done regarding the drama scene:

At this point, the animation towards the end has not had much work on it. There are some drifting problems, especially on Malcom’s head and the timing on Bonnie while she is clearing a tear from her eyes is not quite right either. The action of Malcom sitting down will need to be heavier. I also need to put a texture on the walls, because the camera that is following Bonnie while she slides down the wall does not allow the movement to be really appreciated.

Once those details were fixed, here is the final render of my part of the drama task:

I realized after I rendered it with the wallpaper, that Bonnie was sliding down the wall way too quickly. That would need to be fix, along with the turn and slam into the wall, which still needs some dragging and force and Malcom’s walk towards the bed has some poping issues.

I was also not happy about the mood of the lighting in the scene, so I did a fast post-production. I applied some colour correction and contrast, put a mask on the window so it may seem as the light is really coming through it and added a layer to make the room darker, where the light was not supposed to be hitting:

In the end, the group and I put together all of the renders. Though they ended up having different lightings, since we could not meet to agree on one and the ones set at the beginning did not work for all of the shots. Apart from that, the sequence matched pretty well.

More life drawings:

Next is a short-film from 2009 I think it is worth looking at. It is called Reach and is a graduate film of Australian animator called Luke Randall. The animation is very simple, with just one stage, basically one character based and pretty short, but very appealing in the end. Is the story of a little robot coming to life and wanting to go out and explore, but his power cable does not let him be free. It has very powerful poses, that build up with the timing as soon as the desperation grows. It has also very clear shots, which makes it understandable for the audience and a film worth watching.


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