Life Drawing and Monster University contest

Life Drawing

some life drawings done during this module

I entered a character design contest with a friend of mine (Osmel Carrizo) for the upcoming movie from Pixar: Monster University.

These are the drawings I made for it:

And this is how it turned out after deciding on colours and look:


Spacebound Short-film:

Beautiful short-film  film directed by Ellen Su and animated by Kyle Moy. It tells the story about a little boy and his dog trapped in space after the ship exploded. The kid is desperate, because he is running out of oxygen while the dog is trying to distract him and cheer him up in horrible circumstances. The story is very well told. The look, the characters and the lighting are just lovely.

I think the most outstanding fact about this piece is that the changing in emotions is very well achieved, The weight is weird since it does not fully represent a real scenario in space, but I think it was the best choice to keep the movements as less floaty as possible. It looks brilliant this way and its and unnecessary thing to follow (the real gravity in space).


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