Dialogue Task AfA – 11 second club contest

The 11 second club competition started and this is the audio set for the month of March:

I had several ideas for this task: A man talking to a ghost, A Jew talking to a Nazi and a prisoner and a policeman.

I picked the idea surrounding a prison and based it in jails from Venezuela, in which the prisoners have all the power and often pay the policemen to get what they want.

The policeman in this case will have the illusion of power, given that he is wearing a uniform, but bearing in mind that in any case, he knows he does not have any power at all. At first i gave him a gun, but that would give him more power that it should, so instead I replaced it with a stick and a whistle. He is tired of a long night patrolling and does not like his job and does not care enough to do something in case of a riot. He appreciates his life more than his job.

The prisoner will try to escape. At first it may seem that he will be caught and reprehended, but the truth is that he actually is hiding a gun, something the policeman was not foreseeing. So he goes from being in an appearing loosing position to having the upper hand, as he has a gun to defend himself and get away with his crime of escaping. He is smart and thinks quickly. He plays low, so the policeman does not think he is dangerous in the beginning. This is why he thinks he  might win in the negotiation.

Later on, it was suggested that I needed to add a third character to avoid the policeman to leave the scene, but after shooting the reference videos I decided it was not necessary and it will disfavour the calm tone in the dialogue.

Here are the characters modified for this animation:



The first storyboards made for this assignment:

I started up by doing the basic lipsync as always and then, after the animation is done, I might do some changes along with the facil expressions of the characters:

And I decided to do this animation using the straight ahead method, so I have no blocking other that the basic first poses of each camera. Here is how it is looking:

I recommend this walking cycle tutorial I found:



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