Drama scene tests and follow-up

While discussing the shots for the Drama sequence, there rose a dilemma on what types of cameras to use in two of the most intense shots. On the part where Bonnie is being slammed to the wall, we wanted to capture the reaction and the feeling on her face as she collapses into the floor, but there was also the possibility of leaving the camera still and capturing her diminishing as the feelings of protecting herself come arise. And the other shot we were not sure about, was when Bonnie reaches onto Malcom and he rejects her touch by standing up and leaving her in the bed, with the idea that he could not stand her touch or even being close to her, since that would make him loose focus and explode as he does, when the scene builds up while Bonnie is holding him.

To clarify this shots, we made some reference videos shown bellow:

drama scene camera tests

After clearing the shots, we went to the green studio again and made some other reference footages:

I found this tutorial on polishing from Animation Mentor, which I believe to be very useful and clear:

Strange Oaks 


Another animation I found, which is quite interesting, especially by the way the storyline is set. It is a funny clip of an advertising for witches on where to find a huge variety of kids to eat, which is a promotional video for an upcoming short-film. The animation has a cartoony style with lots of bounces and squash and stretches. The poses are clear and simple, there is no use for much movement as the overlapping action when the witch grabs the kids is very interesting to make up for the lack of movement at some points. It also adds a funny characteristic that reveals the intention of a joke.

The characters are very exaggerated and unique. Here is the character study made for this:


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