Wreck It Ralph – review

This last Disney movie fascinated me. For those who haven’t seen it yet, here’s the trailer:


I think the animation of this one is really something special. It has beautiful tones than differentiate each character and each game style. At first I thought it would be difficult to integrate so many different games and styles in a movie, but Wreck it Ralf proved me wrong. I think they pulled it off beautifully. And I believe its thanks to the producer John Lasseter, who brought us The Incredibles, and some other Pixar movies that are brilliantly animated. Though the story was nothing I can say to be really fantastic, I really like the way it was animated. I’ll show you what I am talking about through these examples:

As you may notice, there are huge differences between the animation of the building characters and the main character’s from that same game: Ralph and Felix. I just LOVE this. Is a great way to illustrate how a pixelated game would move in a 3D world, in the case of the tiny characters, jumping from one pose to the other without fluency, but still, works too well, it would have seen as a mistake if it was badly delivered.

In this second example, I’m delighted about the animation flow each character has, and the subtlety of Ralph’s big hands in the moment just before this video, and how the action grows with the poses ad soon ad Ralph looses his patience. The fluency of the arms and the fingers, the overlapping action and the follow through are perfect. Also, Zangief’s movements are hilarious and greatly achieved. He has all this fighter essence, and still, the arm movement (when he’s explaining that being bad is not a bad thing to Ralph) is just amazing. This is my favorite scene in the movie for sure.


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