Presenter Task – Animation and Final touches AP2

As I explained in my last Presenter post, after I was done with the blocking part, I started adding in-betweens, moving keys and adding overshoots and follow through and overlapping reactions. I had to really dig into this part, because my animation ended up looking robotic most of the times, and what I was told in feedback was to clean those things up. This is how it turned up until the last feedback session:


Here are some drawings from the life drawing class and a couple I did while waiting outside: 


I found this short-film in a webpage that has a lot of great ones:

The Hand Of Nefertiti

This is an example of how the acting can be showed without any dialogues, even though there’s use of sounds, the important thing is to achieve feeling in non-human characters through animation. Each character has a lot of personality. Nefertiti’s hand has a great development in feelings as it goes from furious to sad and to happy and flirty.

The parrot has cartoony resources to communicate its thoughts to the audience, that was not really necessary, but it adds a comical feeling to the short-film. As well as the part where it speaks to the hand’s ear, even though we know it doesn’t have any ears. This shows that the animation does not have to have any sense at all as long as the message is being delivered.

Every part of this animation has great secondary actions, the particles on the hand while being destroyed are also great.

And as a last thing, the way the story runs with excellent use of cameras and composition that help you know where to look next. And the cameras used when the hand is being electrocuted, the action is shown only once and you know that is happening several times without having to show anything else but the expressions on the other two characters. Good way of avoiding the use of the same camera several times.


This new Autodesk invention of a mobile application that catches pictures and creates a 3D model with it, is worth a look:


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