Quadruple Practice (Elephant) Final Render – AP2

I was having this weird flashes of lighting in the renders, so what I ended up adding a soundtrack that fit: 🙂



There are really fantastic things about this short film. First of all, the facial expressions are brilliant. Is great how they were able to deliver the story just by the face and the use of squash and stretch. Though in the animatic the characters had hands, I’m glad they changed their mind about this, or it might be done this way so the action could be understood.

This shows how important the eyes are in an animation, being the first thing people see, and they are REALLY expressive and beautifully made here.You can see how the eye movement is linear and fast from one point to another. Also, the orange’s eye rigging has influence in the eyelids, they move with the eyeballs. this helps the animation look more expressive and real, though is a very cartoony animation, is a matter of selling the feeling. And they manage to give an unanimated object a personality and to make it conect to the viewer.

Right at the end when the orange turns around, there’s a moment of “anticipation before the anticipation” in each turn, and also it is great the way it turns, stops and turns a bit more. I would have look weird if it turned only once.There’s a great sense of physics.

The colors and the lighting are another important fact, I liked them a lot, it brings a lot of life to the scene with the tropical feeling that corresponds.

Here’s the animatic and the layout, perfect example of the animation process. I noticed some of the animation changed from the initial idea till the last product.



Adam and Dog short-film

This other traditional animated short-film nominated for the Oscars is very beautiful, though I have a few things to say against it: Most of all I enjoyed the story, but I got tired of the same use of cameras when the dog runs around, since it becomes obvious that is being used as a resource to avoid animating a hard animal walk. And also it seems a bit too long.

But the art behind it really beautiful, so I still appreciated it. I do think the animation flows beautifully and it’s a great example of traditional animation. Take a look here:


Browsing the web I found this Illustrator that is worth the look. He has very amazing sketches:





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