Presenter Task – AP2

For this task, we had to do an animation based on a clip. I could be a presenter, which had to talk towards the camera, or it could be a comedy performance. I decided to go with a comedy sketch from Saturday Night Life. This is the audio fragment i picked:

All I have to do now is add in-betweens and smoothing the curves to add decay. I also had to finish animating the face expressions as well as the eyes, which play a very important part of the acting. If the animation is right, everything the viewer will be noticing are the eyes and eyebrows expressions of the characters.

As a detail, I thought of making the “dead guy” breath and open his eyes as well.

I also found this tutorial on acting with various characters which I think is worth a look, specially, because they talk about using references (also because there’s a part that’s spoken in italian and it would be difficult to animate the lipsync without any references), how to block as a base and the importance of eye animation:

There’s another important thing is the eye blinks, the basic knowledge that eyelids close faster than they open and they must stay closed for a couple of frames, to be noticed. The same thing happens with lipsync.

Here’s a few sketches I’ve been doing so far:


I thought I might also share some of Chris Sander’s story boards from the upcoming movie “The Croods”. I just love how well done they are, and how specific the poses and cameras are.


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