Quadruple Practice – AP2

This task was about animating a four legged animal with a stop and action in about 10-20 seconds. I really wanted to animate a cat, but I couldn’t find the rig. my second option was an elephant. At first I could only find a good rig, which is the dog bellow. I started practicing with it and made a walk cycle till Hakon and I found a decent rig of an Elephant, that gladly the uni paid for us to have.

I also saw the “Jason Ryan Four Legged Series” while animating the elephant walk. I totally recomend them. 

And also here some images from a museum in Edimburgh of the elephants 🙂


Pixar released a competition in which you get the chance to have your monster design appear in the upcomming movie “Monters University“. I wanted to give it a go, though I haven’t have the chance to draw something I like to model. I will also be using this design for my final project, or that was the initial plan. But so far I don’t like any of these designs:







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