Bringing It All Together


This is the last task of the first module. This time, as the name says it, I had to employ every principle learned during these past weeks and pick two of the element of the past assingments and a walk to mix them into a 20 second animation. So I could pick two between a ball, a ball with a tail, a box and a pendulum. And, of course, the charcater interacting with these elements had to have personality and also a reason to interact with them.


I really wanted to use the pendulum and the ball and tail, because I find them to be the most fun. 🙂 So I made up two stories I thought I could perpetuate in 20 seconds:

It has come a long way… but I still think I could make it look better.


On the other hand.. I found a script for Maya that does ghosting creating outlines wherever you want them. It really helps when you’re animating overlaps. It is a little bit heavy, so it is better if you use it only in a couple of frames per time and only selecting the mesh you really want to see.

It works selecting the mesh you want to ghost, pressing the tool, pressing the “add Meshes” button and then minimizing that and pressing “Ghost” to create a new outline.…

I also found a couple of webpages that have lots of pretty cool shortfilms:

And also another blog on “The Art Of Animation”. Excellent! ❤


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