Personality Walk Animation – Corrections

After the feedback I received in class about the Personality Walk, I removed half the animation till the end and did it again to give it more 
purpose  Now instead of going back to her room to leave the purse first (since the main idea was that she didn’t want to deal with the mess at the moment, but that didn’t make much sense , she now stares at the grocery bag with the broken eggs with a required “thinking time” and breathes deeply before leaning down to pick up the mess.  


Also take a look to a gallery of life drawings I did during this module. Most of them are from the Life Drawing Workshop, but the ones that have random people sitting and drawing were done during some spare time outside at a restaurant and in a park. The last drawing was an attempt to study “sitting on benches” for my last task for this first module “Bring it all together”


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