I corrected the ball and tail animation based on what I mentioned before that needed fixing:

The feedback I got from it in class was that the green ball should lose momentum when it hits the pink one and it should repel a bit. It also should jump less at the beginning, since it’s just landed on the trampoline and it has to take several tiny jumps to boost. Some of its energy its supposed to be cancelled by the hit.”

I still do not think it’s perfect, some feedback would be appreciated. 


And as for the poses,.. I made some changes based on what I heard on class: 

Undecided About: 

I moved the right arm a bit on the second and third poses, so the silhouette could be read better, and also brought the arm of the third one just a little closer to the face, based on one suggestion that the reaction is to put your hands closer to your face when you’re doing some hard thinking. 


Late for:

I just had to eliminate one of the poses that wasn’t necessary to tell the story. So this is how it looks now: 


Jumping for:

The guy in the first pose needed to have one feed back, so he wouldn’t fall once the girl jumps on him, due to the weight and velocity of the impact:



Also take a look at this short-film called Carrot Crazy. It’s made by Dyland Vanwormer and Logan Scelina as a final proyect of their school of animation. I think the animation is amazing, specially the rabbit’s several reactions, I love how he scales every time to a bigger and bigger pose once the carrots get better.

There’s loads of anticipation and good use of timing and poses. You can see an example of good anticipation and thinking time pauses when one of the characters reaches under the ground to find a bigger carrot:

These sort of details thoughout the whole short-film really make it enjoyable. Great story, too. Enjoy! 


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