This assignment was to animate a 10 second walk with a story, thinking about “what is she/he doing? and why?”. The story is always important.

At first, I was going to animate with the Mourpheus rig, somebody walking into the scene and finding a buck bill, which he was going to pick but wasn’t to sure about it.

The feedback I received was: 

I should eliminate the last part of the animation when she walks out, because, even though she’s tired, no one would just leave the groceries on the floor. So, now I need to concentrate more in the desperate reactions after she drops the bag, depending on what was in there. I’ll put some eggs in. 

Also there’s barely no anticipation when she realizes the bag is about to fall. Some said it looked as acted out, she seemed to know the bag was going to fall, since she reacted too quickly. I should keep her focus on the TV a little longer and make her see the groceries after they hit the floor and she hears the noise of the mess she just did. 

On the bright side, I was told the story and the poses were good and that I could get a good animation out of it, if I repaired it well. 

That’s it for this post.. I also fixed the Ball and tail and the poses again, but I’ll post that in another page.