POSING TASK – Feedback

After taking my poses to class, here’s the feedback I received about them: 


In this case, the hand pose feels sort of repulsed, it was too exaggerated. I have to be more subtle in these poses.


And the arm of this one is way back and that’s forced.. the poses have to be natural, since he’s not thinking about his body but the situation. Again, it needs more subtlety.


This pose feels like he’s about to fall. There’s no balance in it. And also is too far apart from the previous pose. I have to pose it lying a bit more on the bed, and trying to reach the clock from there.


From the beginning, I wasn’t feeling to keen about this pose. To be honest, I was too tired to even think about it and it looks really bad hahaha. But well, the feedback was: Firstly, no one runs with their arms open, maybe just kids. They only open their arms as they’re about to embrace the hug. And secondly, it’s obvious the balance from the male character is wrong. He should be preparing for the hit and stand straight up, leaning just a bit to the back. I basically have to do this pose all over again. 


That’s it for now. I’m off to finishing the corrections on these poses. I’ll let you know later how that went. 



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