This task was a posing and staging exercise  I was told to pick two of some different phrases and to come up with a situation that would represent them. Afterwards, I had to draw several sketches for each pose and pick 3 to use them to demonstrate the development of emotions and actions in a given sittuation.

I chose these words: “Undecided about”, “Late for”, and “Jumping For”. 

Based on these phrases, here are the sketches I came up with: 


And these are the ones I picked:


So, now that I had the story straight, I went on to posing them on 3D using the Morpheus rig. At first I wanted to use a rig without a face, since it would push me harder to make better poses, given that everything had to be shown in the body. But I could not find a rig I was happy about and, later on I thought that just by starting the pose first without taking the face into account, it would work, too. If the pose is strong, then the expression in the face would just help making it look better and stronger.

I was not able to pick just three poses in two of them, since I believe the whole purpose of the story would be lost if I removed either one of them. But, anyway, here are the poses I made: 


Undecided about…


Late for…


Jump for…a hug



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