Ball with a Tail Task

For this task, I had to animate a ball with a tail that followed the principles used for the pendulum and the ball from last week altogether. The minimum requirements for it were, that it had to have a box to bounce on and out of, that the ball should have personality and also that the animation should last strictly 10 seconds. So, I had to come up with an idea for story to use for this sort of task that would give the ball emotion and a purpose.  

Now, based on this concept, I thought about three different stories to play with and made storyboards about them to clear them in my mind and to visualize the key poses in a sheet of paper. These two stories were the ones who appealed the most to me and the first one is the one I picked. 

This is a final school project made by Tom Hankins, Gijs van Kooten and Roy Nieterau and Guido Puijk from Nederland. It has really some nice things to point out. Firstly, the animation is based mostly in exaggerated squash and stretch, which gives it a nice flow and corresponds to the story pretty well, since its not being used as much until the story requires it (when the skinny guy takes the drugs). Its also really dynamic. The’re are a lot of camera resources and background tricks to emphasize each scene. At the beginning, there’s a close shot of one of the characters running and it was managed pretty well.. using small camera cuts fading to black, exaggerated motion blur and camera movement, that combined with the sound effects, of course, lets us know what’s happening in that shot. By second 45, there’s another shot where the stage curls. At first I thought that might be really hard and that perhaps it was a composting effect, rather than what it really is. As you can see in the making of, it is actually pretty simple.. they just applied a twist deformer in the whole environment and arrange the camera to follow the swirl. The result is a very dynamic shot that’s really pleasant to look at and it makes it easy for the viewer to get involve in the scene. 

There’s also some lighting effects by sec 58. The colour of the scene changed completely to just one range of colour, again, to emphasize the environment of the scene and there’s a secondary bounce of lighting from the back in red that I think its a nice detail. 


So, to sum up, I think it’s a pretty nice and not conventional short film, which dynamism and image commitment were successfully achieved. Every trick really makes the audience commit to the story throughout the whole animation.


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