Hello people! Welcome!

For the ones back home, who do not yet know, I am supposed to write a blog about my way through the Master. So this is it, let me tell you a bit of what I did the first two weeks:

For my first task, I needed to create a pendulum with three chains, and two sets of balls with different weights and sizes and animate them following the Principles of Animation. I also had to pick two principles and make a presentation about them. I picked the two principles that had the most to do with real physics: “Follow through and Overlapping Action” and “Easing in, Easing out” and as for the balls, after walking around the sport’s store back and forth for a while, I chose to use a hockey ball, that really just looks like a really big golf ball, and a soccer ball. I went back a few more times, because I really wanted a BOUNCY ball to play with, but then I decided to stick to my first two choices and not to add another ball to the animation. It is already hard as it is! Believe it or not. It took me a while and I am still not sure whether the soccer ball is completely right, I am still working on how to make it look better. 

In another line of events….

I went to a life drawing workshop last Monday. It has been a while (like 5 years, already.. wow), since I last got the chance to do something like this and it is kind of refreshing to be able to do this again and actually managing to get a fair result out of it. So.. yeah, it isn’t perfect, it has some flaws on the line of the back and the direction of the hip, it does not quite fit right with the legs, but I am still happy about it. I will definitely go to these classes again!  




  1. It’s all looking really good ❤ 🙂 My only complain is the cat; cat’s tails move in a more… jerky, twitchy and erratic (Ben says irrational) kind of way. It’s not as smooth as this, which looks more like a dog waiting for something that he knows is coming, like when you’re about to feed them. Other than that, all kinds of proud. Including that awesome hairdo on the cat x)! Cheers!

  2. …. Posterous sucks.

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